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 Michael Ly, current co owner and acting CFO of Hilltop Real Estate. I have been in the real estate industry since 2009. I started my career working as an account manager for a contractor dedicated to REO servicing, repairs and maintenance for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. From there I transitioned into portfolio accounts dealing with selling REO properties in California and Hawaii. Once the market shifted I worked as an acquisition analyst and later as an acquisition director for one of the largest hedge funds in "Invitation Homes" previously known as "Blackstone." After 3 years of learning the investments side of the industry I started to "Flip" homes working for Vintage Flip. After 5 years acting as Chief Operations Officer at Vintage Flip I went on my own in 2021 and ever since then I have been actively buying, selling and even keeping real estate of my own. I have been happily married since 2010 and a proud father of 2 boys and 1 very needy Shiba Inu. Born on the island of Hawaii from parents who immigrated here in 1979 I am one of four siblings. My hobbies and interests are going to the gym, shooting hoops, trying new restaurants at random places, and collecting luxury watches. My dream is to get to a point in my life where I have time to help others and to make a real difference in the world.

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Co-Owner and real estate investment acquisition expert.  

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