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When he first entered real estate in 2008, Tom Nall joined a Glendora brokerage, he has been in the Downtown village ever since then serving his community. He enjoys nurturing his relationships with a strong network of traditional buyers and sellers. He relishes the fact that he can positively impact each of those relationships. 
The real estate business, says Tom, is grounded in relationships and trust. In building ties with builders, vendors, other agents and home buyers and sellers, Tom has an great passion for real estate. It’s this energy that puts everyone he encounters at ease. A REALTOR® with a strong reputation in a specialized niche neither needs nor wants to accept every new opportunity he encounters. Instead, Tom concentrates on sharing his expertise with his valued clientele. “In addition to working closely with many buyers and sellers, I spend a lot of time running numbers for clients with rental properties,” says Tom, an Agent at Hill Top Real Estate in Glendora. These Landlords call him seeking advice on potential properties for new Rentals. Sometimes Tom runs the figures on an opportunity and advises them against the purchase, despite the fact that he would represent them as buyer’s agent. But in counseling a client not to consider a transaction, Tom cements the trust he has developed with clients.
“Much of my business is with Single family homes sales but lately I have been quite busy with family buyers as well,” he says. “I am very excited about my newest listing in the city of Glendora the seller said he has been following my work on social media and was very impressed with what he has seen.” He obtains listings like these because of the name he has built for himself in the local area. “I put my clients first,” he says. “I don’t go for the money.” He wants to close each deal the right way, helping sellers, buyers make wise decisions. 

Once a  seller seeks out his expertise, it’s time for Tom to start marketing their properties. To do so, he uses professional photography, videography, virtual tours, stunning electronic flyers, brochures and online advertising. Clients know Tom thoroughly researches comps and conducts market analysis to aid their decisions on purchases or sales. “I’m not going tell them what the value will be after a house is remodeled,” he says. “No one knows what the value will be a year from now.” Instead, he explains the price he would list for at the current time and advises them to work backwards from there to determine what their profit would be today after the costs of material and construction.

Stemming from this passion, Tom has been involved with youth sports since long before he entered real estate. Originally from Glendora, among the organizations dearest to him are the coaching his children in all their spots activities “My wife and I get to spend a lot of time with the our kids when on and off the sports fields. A family man himself, when he’s not selling real estate or otherwise making a difference in people’s lives, Tom cherishes traveling and time with his family.

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